Privacy policy for this web site

Great concern has been taken for the privacy of living individuals on this web site

The information on these pages for living individuals is "Generic" and has been
stripped of any personal information.

The database was created using Family Tree Makers "Privatize" format in which all information
regarding Birth, Death, Medical, Marriage and notes of have been hidden from view.

In addition when generating the on-line pages we have hidden all birth dates on living
individuals born after 1900.

Please realize the usefulness of this information requires the ability for researchers to
be able to link their knowledge to existing data and if it is not available there will be
no point in providing it.

If you find listings within these pages you wish removed please contact us immediatly with
details and we will remove them at the earliest opportunity.

Please remember most of the data contained within this site is available from many other sources
and removing it from this database will only hinder researchers and those descendants who might find
it useful in the future.

Thanks for your consideration and interest in the Crosby Family Genealogy.

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